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how language gets hold of the world

Contents (126 pages)

Introduction: The Aim of this Book                                        
Chapter 1: One Structure, a Multiplication of Meaning   
    1.1  Noun Phrase Plus Pitch: Referring of Not Referring                   
    1.2  The Shape of Information: Mental Images                                
    1.3  Emphasis: Double Images                                                          
    1.4  Noun Phrase Plus Rhythm: Single or Repetitive Images          
Chapter 2: Language and World  
    2.1  The Human World                                                                     
    2.2  How Forms of Language Exist                                      
    2.3  Forms of Language and the Human World                               
Chapter 3: The Skeleton of Information  
    3.1  Understanding Information                                                       
    3.2  Four Types of Information                                                        
    3.3  Recognizing the Real Thing                                                       
Chapter 4: The Shape of Negative Information  
    4.1  Negative Predicates                                                                   
    4.2  Four Types of Negative Information                                         
    4.3  Negative Subjects                                                                      
Chapter 5: The Shape of Emphasis 
    5.1  Pieces of Information                                                                
    5.2  A Few Combinations                                                                 
    5.3  More Combinations                                                                   
Chapter 6: More Noun Phrases 
    6.1  Definite Noun phrases                                                               
    6.2  Russell 1905                                                                             
    6.3  Proper Names                                                                           
    6.4  Material Noun Phrases                                                             
Chapter 7: Some Philosophical Issues 
    7.1  Awareness and Self                                                                 
    7.2  Subjectivity                                                                              
    7.3  Verbal Information and the Notion of Truth                           
    7.4  Meaning, Representation, Reference                                       
    7.5  Empirical Semantics                                                                 

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